Coast clean

Coast Hotels is committed to your safety, health and security during your stay with us. The procedures set within our Coast Clean™ program ensure that the safety of our guests, as well as our Ambassadors, are top of mind, while maintaining high standard of customer service.

Hotel Amenities   

Our property continue to follow guidance from our local health authorities and government. As a result, some hotel amenities may be limited. We thank you for your understanding.

Personal Hygiene Best Practices

All Ambassadors have been reminded of best practices associated with minimizing exposure and spread of germs and associated illnesses. Diligence in regular hand washing, the use of anti-bacterial formulas, coughing or sneezing into their sleeve (never hands) and minimizing face touching has been communicated to our Ambassadors. We ask the same of our guests.

Unwell Ambassadors

We have advised our Coast Hotels Ambassadors to stay home if they are exhibiting symptoms that align with COVID-19, norovirus, and influenza. Should an Ambassador start to show symptoms of COVID-19, norovirus, or influenza while at work, the Ambassador will be instructed to immediately don a mask and return home immediately, and promptly contact their doctor, local health authority.

CPR/AED Certified Staff

Relax and enjoy with peace of mind. Your health and safety come first at our hotel. With certified CPR/AED staff always on-site, your well-being is in good hands.